Exclusivelane Cashback Offers and Discount Coupons

Exclusivelane Cashback Offers and Discount Coupons

  GET UPTO 7.20% Cashback Rewards @ ExclusiveLane

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    Meenakari Lord Ganesha Handenamelled In Metal

    + Get upto 7.20% Cashback Rewards

    Get this ornamented Auspicious Lord Ganesha from our "Meenakari Collection" to bring a sacred environment to your home Decor. The exquisitely handcrafted Ganesha is embellished with finely polished Jewellery clothing and has been intricately designed with rich Meenakari Work, thereby adding an aesthetic appeal. The Lord Ganesha has been handcrafted from Metal and handpainted in the combination of several colours which also features detailed designs. This looks fabulous in multiple colors and makes for a fantastic gift item on any auspicious occasions. This will infuse goodluck into any corner of your home.

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    Teak Wood Warli Hand Painted Table Lamp

    + Get upto 7.20% Cashback Rewards

    This rectangular warli table lamp is crafted from Teak Wood. Handcrafted in an elegant design, this table lamp is brown and white in color. The lamp has been hand painted with dancing warli art on silk, hence makes it ideal to keep in the living room or the bedroom. The rustic appeal of the painting on the lamp is sure to give a touch of traditionalism in the house.

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    Gayatri Mantra Terracotta Wall Hanging

    + Get upto 7.20% Cashback Rewards

    Hang this ethnic and beautiful wall hanging with Gayatri mantra written on it at your entrance. This will bring posititve vibes to your home or in the room wherever it is hung. Ghunghroo has been put at the bottom to enhance the look of this masterpiece. The piece has white base with gayatri mantra written in golden.

  • el-007-016_a_3_9593.jpg

    Wooden Multipurpose Table Organiser With Tree Carving and Parrot

    + Get upto 7.20% Cashback Rewards

    This parrot collection wooden table organiser has been well crafted with 3 utility sections to manage your office table efficiently. The grid has been designed in 3 utility sections to hold your business cards, pens and a drawer to hold your knick knacks like paper clips, stapler etc. The table organiser has a wooden carving depicting tree and a small parrot fixed on the top which makes it unique.

  • el-008-050_a_4_46886.jpg

    Shankh Shaped Terracotta Handpainted Tea Light Holder

    + Get upto 7.20% Cashback Rewards

     Bring this exquisite shankh tealight holder in bright green colour to illuminate your home Décor.
    - This distinctively designed tealight holder handcrafted from terracotta in the shape of Shank provides a unique and fantastic charm.
    - A circular cutwork has been done at the centre to place the tealight adding in 3 small decorative cut outs crafted just above it.
    - There is a curved sleek horizontal line crafted out on the top for the emission of light.

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