The Man Company Cashback offers and Discount Coupons

The Man Company Cashback offers and Discount Coupons

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    Beard Bros

    + Get upto 9 Cashback Rewards

    Almond and Thyme Beard Oil- Get that thick heavy beard you've always wanted with a little help from our specially formulated Almond and Thyme beard oil, made with all natural ingredients. Packed with Vitamin E, this oil works to nourish and smoothen your mane, enhancing manageability and shine.

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    Pepper Mint & Clove | Charcoal Shampoo

    + Get upto 9 Cashback Rewards

    A powerful combination of pepper mint and clove essential oil on an activated charcoal base, in the form of a shampoo can provide multiple benefits to the hair! It will help you eliminate dandruff and lice from your scalp.  It can also improve frizzy hair and may contribute to hair growth. Acts like a hair conditioner and offers relief from anxiety.

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    Argan Blast

    + Get upto 9 Cashback Rewards

    Argan, often called ‘liquid gold’, is proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier. Tame hair frizz naturally and controls hair fall. This oil instantly enhances manageability, shine and ensures long-lasting conditioning. Sweet Almond Oil is packed with Vitamin E. It works to nourish and smoothen your hair, enhancing manageability and shine.

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    Growth Mafia

    + Get upto 9 Cashback Rewards

    Coffee Bean & Patchouli Shampoo - Pachouli essential oil is great for treating oily hair and preventing dandruff. And the invigorating smell of coffee beans just takes this exquisite shampoo to the next level. What a way to start your day. The fragrance of fresh Coffee Beans and Pachouli together, will surely make your hair smell the best!

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    Cleansing Trio

    + Get upto 9 Cashback Rewards

     Activated Charcoal Base Activated Charcoal is a tried and tested cleansing ingredient, known for its unique ability to draw out toxins from the body - out the dirt and oils that are blocking the pores! Its anti-bacterial properties not only kill germs but also exfoliate your skin. Banish blemishes and toxins, and give your skin a manly glow like never before.

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