Tolexo Cashback offers and Discount Coupons

Tolexo Cashback offers and Discount Coupons

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    KHERAJ 12V Battery Operated Siren, B-150

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    Model B-150
    Mounting Type- Horizontal Single Mounting
    Power- 1/4 HP
    TSIN- T006051052
    Voltage- 12V


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    Liberty Jumbo 54W Electric Street Light

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    LED Street light is an energy efficient outdoor lighting source that is used to illuminate roads, boudaries and highways.They are used to provide guidance to the drivers, cyclists and pedestrians after sunset.

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    Owon Digital Storage Oscilloscope, SDS5032E

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     Sample Rate: 250MS/S <\br> Horizontal Scale(S/div): 4ns/div — 100s/div. step by1-2-4 <\br> Rise time: ≤14 ns <\br> Channels isolation: 50MH2: 100 1,10MHz: 40:1 <\br> Probe attenuation factor: 1X 10X 100X. 1000X

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    Aktion R591 Safety Shoes, Composite Toe

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     PVC might appear on the upper part near sole because of direct injection molding. It doesn't have any impact on the quality of the shoe.

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    Black & Decker KX1800 Heat Gun, 1800W, 550-750 L/min

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     Ideal for stripping paint and varnish from doors & windows,Perfect tool for lighting barbecues,Bending and shaping metal,Drying new coats of paint or filler,Thawing frozen water pipes

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